Julia Mangold’s sculptures emanate a high sense of calmness. The interaction between the clarity of form and breathing surfaces, rich in nuances, creates a vitality which is able to fill every room with its presence.

Her artistic origin is Minimal Art. But different to their aesthetics reduced to a concept, Julia Mangold creates unique copies which each own an individual personality.

Julia Mangold was born in 1966 and studied sculpting at the Academy of Art in Munich and graduated as a master scholar of Prof. Reineking’s. Since then she has had exceptionally successful individual exhibitions in London, Verona, Brussels, and Berlin.Her work can be found in important American and European collections, like the Collection Panza di Biumo and the ones of Sylvain Perlstein and Wynn Kramarsky. In 1997 she created 2 monumental wall-pieces for the Maria-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus des Deutschen Bundestags (architect Stephan Braunfels) in Berlin.