Within the painting-discourse that evolved from the Informel under the influence of Pop-Art and conceptual art in the 60ies, Giorgio Griffa was one of the leading minds in the Italian art scene.
By his definition, painting develops out of the interaction between the painter and the piece that demands to be painted. Griffas works consists of great asceticism and unpretentious modesty. His pieces have to be read as fragments which structure not only the canvas’ space, but as well time – comparable with music. This is why it is no coincidence that the viewer consistently has the impression to look at a score, when he looks at Griffa’s paintings. The medium, an unprimed canvas which Griffa hangs on the wall without framing, is as airy as his painting.

In 1970 Ileana Sonnabend already showed Griffas work in her galleries in Paris and New York. He participated in the Avant-garde-shows ‘Prospekt’ in 1969 and ’73 in Düsseldorf, where he also had a solo-show at the local Kunsthalle. In 1978 and ’80 Griffa was represented at the Venice Biennale. He had his first appearance in the Kunstraum Munich in 1975. Since 1981 Griffa has been working with us in Germany.

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