In Tim Freiwald’s (born 1986) work process, each step is a result of the previous one. Starting from a classic panel painting as a point of reference, he disassembles the pictorial surface in order to gradually rebuild it, similar to the technique of an intarsia. The most varied materials are used, in addition to acrylic paint and pigment, also lacquer, resin, leather, wood, aluminum and various plastics. Due to the sculptural overlay of colors and material, the perception of the surface is often broken and the interplay between figure and ground is set in motion. In his latest works, Tim Freiwald is especially dedicated to the topic of material and surface.

The paintings of the last years are based on a few motifs that are constantly evolving and concretizing in ever new stages to an independent image. Tim Freiwald often develops his motifs digitally. Starting from this, the process of image construction, which is rather a deconstruction, begins – the translation into material.
The compact physique of the works is always in tension with the fragile structure within the image. “I want the pictures physically just before collapsing, so that they gain stability only through painterly attractions.”

Already during his studies, which he completed as master student of Thomas Scheibitz in 2014, Tim Freiwald received numerous prizes and grants. From 2018 to 2019 he completed a one-year scholarship at the Villa Concordia, Bamberg.