Gary Petersen, Restless Geometry 23.04.2024 - 01.06.2024

At his first solo exhibition at the Walter Storms Galerie, New York-based Gary Petersen presents a series of abstract paintings titled ‘Restless Geometry’. Here, he combines geometric shapes with a playful Pop Art aesthetic.

His works are a rich interplay of architecture, graphic design, and the venerable tradition of geometric art. Petersen continually pushes the boundaries of his art by skillfully employing archetypal geometric forms and organic structures, experimenting with scale, color, and overlapping layers.

His creative painting process begins on a surface organized with irregular lines and grids. Applying a thin layer of transparent white creates a subtle foundational structure upon which he builds his forms and lines. Drawing inspiration from past colored pencil drawings, he allows his intuition to guide him, striking a delicate balance between intuition and intention.

exhibition tour
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