caro jost invoice paintings 05.12.2017 - 27.01.2018

In 2000, during her studies at the Art Students League in New York, Caro Jost developed her image type Streetprint. Up until this point, she has developed a worldwide picture field, conserving traces of the past, transferred into the present.
Josts most extensive and famous complex of works is based on her research of the New York Avantgarde stomping grounds of the 1950s and 60s. It consists of Streetprints and the comprehensive documentary film Final Traces of the Abstract Expressionists.
In her new series, Caro Jost takes it a step further and establishes an even more immediate connection to the oeuvre of her favorite artists. She uses their original invoices from material purchases as an homage to their exceptional artistic achievements and includes their spirit into her own works of art. In 2016, she created the first Invoice Paintings on Barnett Newman and Rupprecht Geiger. She’s currently working on Ad Reinhardt and as the centerpiece of our show, Günther Uecker.

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