ubu imperator FRUHTRUNK

Ubu Imperator
CD: 10 Songs, 26 Min., 2023
Concept: Caro Jost
Publisher: Verlag Walter Storms
ISBN 978-3927533-12-7
An audible look at 10 works by Günter Fruhtrunk.
A project by Caro Jost in collaboration with the avant-garde band Ubu Imperator.
On the occasion of Günter Fruhtrunk’s 100th anniversary, an experimental soundtrack was created for ten selected artworks by the painter, who died in Munich in 1982.

01 – Gegen Blautheorie
02 – Progression in zwei Richtungen
03 – Steigende Rhythmen in Gelb
04 – o.T. (Dynamische Feldstruktur)
05 – Interpenetration
06 – Gesteigerte Wiederholung
07 – Bild
08 – Durchdringungen
09 – Vert Excentrique
10 – Gleichzeitigkeit + Grosse Kadenz

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ubu imperator FRUHTRUNK

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