Think Big: It’s All About Space 11.09.2021 - 23.10.2021
exhibition tour

With extremely formatted works, the group exhibition draws attention to the diverse interpretations and meanings of the term “space” in art. It is the studio space that directly influences the artist through its nature: whether an oversized loft or even just a desk with a screen… It shows how differently the work space is used in artistic practice and how important it is for the creative process.

„In my opinion, the working space is not a passive element of a work of art, rather it is an active participant in its development,” says Caro Jost, curator of this exhibition. The pictorial space on the canvas is already created by a single line, as Hans Hofmann, among others, also taught. Thus, the positive in the form or line can stand for the space it occupies, while the negative is what remains between and around the forms or lines. In the case of spatial installations, light art and working in public spaces, one also leaves the “spatial” limitation of the canvas. The exhibition space is still a very important place for artists to present their work and make it tangible for the viewer.

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