roland fischer transhistorical places 15.03.2019 - 10.07.2019

At our second gallery location in Munich-Bogenhausen we will be showing photo works from Roland Fischer’s latest group of works ‘Transhistorical Places’ until the end of may.

‘For the series Transhistorical Places (begun in 2018), Roland Fischer has taken photographs of Brutalist architecture and overlaid these with coloured planes and forms that recall Modernist paintings from twentieth-century Avantgarde art.’

‘Therefore Fischer’s Transhistorical Places are to a lesser extent images of architecture than they are
images about architecture. They show architecture as a form of communication – and that means as a
genuinely social phenomenon.’

For the complete, comprehensive text by author and curator Björn Vedders about the  “Transhistorical Places”, as well as a selection of motifs, click here.

Roland Fischer‘s work has already been shown in 120 museums and art institutions worldwide, among them more than 40 solo exhibitions including the Musée d’art Moderne in Paris, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Saarland Museum, CGAC in Santiago de Compostela, The Photographers Gallery in London…

Roland Fischer | Transhistorical Places
15.3. – 31.5.2019
Walter Storms Galerie | Ismaninger Str. 51, 81675 Munich
Visit by appointment only

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