CORDY RYMAN 12.05.2023 - 29.07.2023

With over 1000 individual works, the exhibition “Collecting Sparks” showcases impressive room installations by the renowned New York artist Cordy Ryman in the spacious gallery halls of the Walter Storms Gallery.

Cordy Ryman (born 1971, New York) is known for his experimental art that blurs the boundaries between sculpture and painting. His works are characterized by a playful and dynamic quality. Ryman combines different materials, found objects, and colors.

The exhibition provides an overview of Cordy Ryman’s characteristic small-scale and spatial wall works. By using everyday materials, especially wood as the image carrier, Ryman gives each work individual depth and significance. The unique texture of each material piece enhances the uniqueness of his artworks. “I like working with materials that bring their own history and can change and reinvent themselves,” explains Ryman.

The main wall of the exhibition, called “Constellation,” is the central element of the exhibition. All installations are designed to relate to the size of the space and form individual experiences from flexible communities of “individuals.” Each group of works forms a self-contained colony. The various components come together to form a work, creating a new experience for the viewer.

The title of the exhibition “Collecting Sparks” refers to the artist’s experiences, as for Ryman, his artworks are like sparks of vitality that explode in every creative process

exhibition tour
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