Birgit Brenner – Blank Beauty 11.09.2021 - 10.10.2021

Walter Storms Galerie is partnering with Galerie EIGEN + ART to present the work of Birgit Brenner in the exhibition Blank Beauty.

Only on its surface, does Brenner’s work appear to be beautiful and harmless. If we dare to look behind the aesthetic facade, a more dystopian view unfolds, one that depicts the approaching collapse of the world. The artist draws her inspiration from the so-called Brundtland Report of 1987 which indicated that the human race had reached a crossroads and the earth’s ecological boundaries were at a breaking point. The report called for immediate action in order to prevent the further deprivation of the planet and our livelihood. Shortly thereafter, U.S. economist Robert Solow put forth an opposing theory that claimed the survival of humanity could be achieved by replacing nature with innovative technology.

Birgit Brenner’s examination of the subject focuses on our human tendency to keep making the same mistakes—even though we know that what we are repeating is wrong and the grim reality is something we do not need to figure out.

October 8 – Talk with Walter Storms and Gerd Harry “Judy” Lybke, 7 pm.
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