gerold miller 14.04.2018 - 02.06.2018

Gerold Miller (born in 1961) studied at the Stuttgart Art Academy in the 1980s, at the time surrounded by Op Art, Hard Edge and Neo-Geo. After several international study stays, he settled in Berlin, were he currently maintains two large studios and exhibition halls. He had solo shows, among others, at the National Gallery and the Mies van der Rohe Haus in Berlin; his work is also exhibited and appreciated at galleries and museums worldwide. His most extensive and retrospective catalogue so far was published by the Kunsthalle Weishaupt in Ulm.

Millers pieces aren’t paintings, but “picture plates” with visual signals and a strong optical presence. He relies on the lessons learned from American Minimalist Art and extends its possibilities with new materials and enhanced precision. His works are made from aluminum or stainless steel and are colored in a multilayered work process. Through their contrasting colors and forms they obtain a subtle, suspenseful atmosphere. For his elaborate presentations, Miller creates a consistent, coherent exhibition concept, providing optimal synergy between exhibits and the surrounding spaces, while always consciously considering the visual experience of the viewer.

april 17 – june 2, 2018


roland fischer

“Wir schwimmen alle im gleichen Wasser”
Pasinger Fabrik, München
10.5. – 12.6.2018

klaus kinold

Klaus Kinold: Hans Döllgast und Rudolf Schwarz. Zwei Baumeister der anderen Moderne
aut. architektur und tirol, Innsbruck
9.3. – 9.6.2018

peter krauskopf

Peter Krauskopf DRIFT
Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren
9.5. – 19.8.2018

may 8, 2018, 7 – 9.30 pm

ulrich erben

Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen
1.12.2017 – 3.6.2018

sean scully

Facing East
State Russian Museum – Marble Palace, St. Petersburg
ab 20.3.2018

sean scully

Sean Scully. Landlines and other recent work
De Pont Museum, Tilburg, Niederlande
21.4. – 26.8.2018

rupprecht geiger und otto piene

Inventur – Art in Germany, 1943-55
Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge, USA
9.2. – 3.6.2018

roland fischer

LICHTEMPFINDLICH 2. Fotografie aus der Sammlung Schaufler
Schauwerk, Sindelfingen
15.4.2018 – 30.6.2019

rupprecht geiger

Schauwerk Sindelfingen
19.11.2017 – 16.9.2018

günter fruhtrunk

Dialogues concrets
Espace de l’art concret, Mouans Sartoux, France
25.6.2017 – 10.6.2018

alf lechner

Alf Bachmann. Alf Lechner | Himmel Wasser Stahl
Lechner Museum, Ingolstadt
25.2. – 9.9.2018

opening 25.2.2018 at 11 am